BuildRI Research

Access the latest on responsible investment best practices, industry insights and a toolkit to accelerate your program.

Leverage Our Insights to Build Sustainable Value

Best Practices in the Private Equity & Limited Partner Communities

Unparalleled insights and clear actionable opportunities for responsible investors

Understand the responsible investment processes and activities of limited partners and middle market and global private equity firms. Our reports highlight the essential practices to create a foundational level program, peer highlights and industry data.

Both reports are complimentary for limited partners and private equity firms.

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Leverage our Benchmarking Data with the BuildRI Assessment and Index Scores

Get an on-demand view of your ESG management function’s performance vs. a benchmark peer group.

Access a customized action list to ensure your firm has a foundational-level ESG program.

Gain a clear understanding of where your responsible investment management stands against our proprietary maturity framework, which incorporates input from leading limited partners and ILPA.

Build a fact-based case to drive informed discussions for resource investment and cross-functional planning.

Spot performance gaps to tackle urgently — and get a graphical analysis to share with your ESG team.

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Build Trust with Investors and Customers

The BuildRI Trust Report

Features a venture capital or private equity firm’s ESG highlights, including policies, processes and programs on topics such as climate, diversity and cyber.

Utilizes ESG data and analysis from BuildRI’s assessment, maturity framework and benchmarking data.

Investment manager data include both publicly-disclosed and private sources.

If BuildRI scores are not available on a specific firm, limited partners may submit a request to BuildRI or the investment firm to complete a scoring assessment.

For investment managers, the report can be completed efficiently and is customizable to highlight the most pertinent responsible investment questions limited partners need.

Why the BuildRI Trust Report Matters:

  • The Report benchmarks investment managers versus private equity and venture capital firms in North America and Europe.
  • The Report demonstrates the maturity of fundamental responsible investment policies, processes and programs that limited partners are seeking.
  • It is presented in an easy to understand, single-source document that can prevent multiple non-standardized and lengthy questionnaires from limited partners.

Learning & Productivity Tools

Practical, action-oriented guides and templates.

ESG and responsible investment can be confusing and overwhelming. We provide you with educational tools and templates to help your company learn the basics, identify action-items and start implementing responsible investment initiatives.